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I am Dr. Terry Merrill. Welcome.
Making a decision to seek counseling is not usually easy and often comes only after much inner reflection. Once a decision is made, however, the task is now to seek someone who offers gentle guidance within the framework of helping you identify not only the issues that contribute to personal stress and conflict but also your particular strengths. Thus together we embark on a quest that can contribute to your finding resolution to issues that are unique to you, your couple relationship, or your family.
Since we are not isolated individuals aimlessly adrift in the universe, we have purpose and meaning that transcends the span of life we are given. Even the difficulties we share by reason of our humanity serve to mold and shape us that we might become all we were meant to be.
To that end, I am a marriage, individual, and family counselor who is also Christian. What this means is that I practice the science of Chrisian psychology and counseling. That might seem an oxymoron, however, through a marriage of the disciplines of theology and psychology, I bring to bear both what modern science has learned about human nature and behavior as well as the spiritual dimension that serves to establish our ultimate meaning and purpose within the context of our families and the social systems in which we live.
My counseling then is overlayed with the world view that God is our creator and that our ultimate destiny and meaning for life lies with Him. Our foundational value hinges not on social status, what we have been able to accomplish, or the material goods we've accumulated. Rather our value flows from the truth that we bear the image of God and have been set right with Him by His Son. 
I invite you to click on the tabs to the right. There you will find the elements of my disclosure statement as well as a fee schedule based on income. Please feel free to email or call (541) 990-2434 for more information.
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